Last year has probably been one of the hardest years I’ve had to endure. I prayed and hoped that this year would show me a little bit of kindness. But I was wrong. This year showed me far more than kindness. And it came in a bundled package wrapped in a pretty pink bow.

As most of you might have envisaged, I’ve entered in a new relationship. Although he’s one of the preeminent reason this year has been great, this dedication is for another reason. That reason goes by many names, but most of us know them as friends.

Picture this for a minute, a giant cooking pot sits in front of you. Your friends (including yourself) are the ingredients to a unique tasting soup. What kind of soup would you and your friends be? I think about mine and let me tell you, I doubt it would be the most delicious soup you’d ever taste. But one thing I can guarantee is that we would be one hell of a soup.

I think it’s fair to start with the most humble of us all, PJ. His modesty is what allures most of the people around him. For a small guy he packs a lot of energy. I don’t know anyone with as much stamina as he does. No matter what we do, he never fails to wake up the next day to make it for work. Which is another admirable thing I envy about him. Always going with the flow. He’s our lighthouse that always guides us back to bay when we need it.

When the pit of your stomach starts to hurt it’s probably because of Momel. He never fails to make us laugh hysterically, even at the cost of his own expense. When I see him I can tell that he didn’t have it easy. Although none of us did, you can see the warrior in Momel. When you walk in a room he’s always emitting this energy that pulls you in. There’s not a doubt in the world that Momel would be a great friend to you. His kindness can bring a giant to his knees. He’s definitely the jester and farceur of the group.

Leo can sometimes be the most unexpected of us all. He can be angry, happy, lost, and a leader in an instant. I see him as the backbone of the group. When I first met him I felt some sort of attraction to him. Maybe I mistaken that attraction for an odd [b]romance but I think I’ve come to realize that it was pure admiration of the person he is. Even from a distance you can tell that you want to be friends with him. As time passed I see that your value is will not go unseen by Leo. He can make you realize your own worth. He’s one of those guys that will change your life once he enters your life. He’s like the backbone of the group and the reason why we stand so tall.

The strongest of us all is probably Darryll. I wish I had the strength he does. We all do. The group would not be the same if he wasn’t around. Although he gets lost from time to time, something tells me that this guy will make it very far and that he is headed the right direction. He may be the reason for most of our jokes but deep down, everyone is a little jealous of him. He has the confidence of a lion. He once gave me an advice and I will forever treasure it. “What’s the worse thing that can happen? He says no. You move on to the next.” Haha, don’t even ask what we were talking about. He is definitely the anchor that keeps this group at bay.

Ahh, yes. Carl. Where do I begin with this one? Certainly not from his toes. I never met a soul with a heart as big as his. His the reason why this group even exists. He taught me that with perseverance and hard work, anything is possible. It may have taken a while but he brought us together and for some of us (if not all) this is our family. When I’m with Carl for some reason I feel like things will always work out and things would be okay. His the type of person to go for that extra mile to make everyone happy. Carl is the very core and foundation of the group. It’s to him that we have a debt that can never be repaid.

To my best friend Joel. Where would I be without you. (No posts for you because you are already all over my FB and IG :p)

So yes, this year has definitely been a great year and it’s only July. Can’t wait for many more adventures.